Lakehouse 20 AB Sweden is based in Värmland. 

We lived a few years in Oslo/Norway in a beautiful beach house. So we are so in love with the seaside! Two years ago we bought a lovely lake house in Sweden, an old school house with a lot of charm. Such a beautiful old lady! 

For our home we love white and natural colours, so we have a coastal feeling in our cozy home. If you are a seaside or a lakeside lover you should try it for your home. It´s quite easy and you are on holidays every day in your cozy home. Create your own cozy look with inspiration from some of our favourite nordic  products.  
We also love the scandinavian way of life.Celebrating Midsommar, it seems like the sun never sets, picking flowers and making treats to place on the maypole, have a fika with friends, watching the stars and enjoying nature.

I hope you feel inspired.

Ha en fortsatt trevlig dag !

Kram the Lake House People <3

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